Social activities with Locals from Citypolarna

  • Offered in English, French, German, Swedish
  • Gothenburg and around West Sweden
Curious about the day-to-day life of the people in this region? Then join the activities of Citypolarna (City-pals), a social activity community in Gothenburg and around West Sweden. On a daily basis, the community members post activities for anyone to join. It can be a fika, a run or a walk in Slottsskogen, a visit to Aeroseum, a dinner at someone's home, or basically everything that we do here in our spare time. 

About Your Host, Citypolarna

Citypolarna is a busy social activity community, where the members post activities for anyone to join in. With around 2000 members in Gothenburg and West Sweden, there is always something going on, with some 10-15 activities weekly. As a visitor, you are always welcome to join us, the activities are posted in Citypolarna’s calendar. At the moment the Citypolarna website is only in Swedish so you will need to use a translation app in your web browser. Most groups meeting for activities will have some English-speaking participants so check out the list of events here on Meet the Locals, if you find something you’re interested in, follow the link to the event on the Citypolarna website, register your interest and let the organiser know if you don’t speak Swedish. For Swedish speakers, you can see the full list of events here:

Who this is for

Anyone who would love to explore the surroundings together with a group of locals. Sometimes we are 4, sometimes 40, all depending on the type of the activity.


All year round, with some 10-15 activities weekly.


Most activities take place in and around Gothenburg, and we have members and activities in locations around West Sweden. Give us a yell and we will let you know what's going on where you will be heading.

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Often the activities are free of charge. The only thing you pay for are eventual costs surrounding the activity, like the price for fika, entrance fees etc. 

Languages Spoken

Swedish, English, some of us speak German, French and other languages.