Visit a Garden

If you love gardens then you should meet some of these wonderful Locals. They are opening their stunning private gardens to you.

Experience green-fingered Torun’s private oasis

Torun welcomes you to her red croft house with white trim surrounded by a fantastic historic environment and a magical garden. When she is not working as a professional gardener or travelling, Torun is here working hard to create her dream garden. Don’t be surprised if you hear some jazz notes among the birdsong because Torun loves jazz as much as meeting new people.

If you’d like to visit Torun click here: meet Torun


Swedish cottage from the 1890s in Rävlanda. Here you can meet a gardener in her own private garden with the concept Meet the Locals

Meet Pia in her artistic garden

When you’re in Hyssna, most people probably know of cheerful Pia whose artistic talents have been used to create a garden of wonder. Here is a fantastical mix of cast concrete animals and if you look really closely you may spot Harry Boy or Sally Lilja, who are Pia’s living turtles. If you would like to feed these two or try your hand at casting you are very welcome.

Read more about Pia and contact her here: meet Pia

Visit Dagmar’s beautiful colony allotment with lake views

Something that is very popular in Sweden is to have an allotment and sometimes these include a tiny cottage as well. Dagmar loves her beautiful colony allotment beside lake Oresjö in Borås just outside Gothenburg. This is where she comes all summer unless she is visiting her relatives in Germany. Come and experience the unique little community that a colony allotment offers. Dagmar’s welcoming smile will meet you for your little slice of summer life on a lakeside allotment.

If you’d like to meet Dagmar click here: meet Dagmar

Allotment garden in Borås. Here you can come for a private visit with the koncept Meet the Locals

Sara invites you for animal cuddles, fika and pressed apple juice in her garden

Läckö Castle may be famous and it may sit close to Sara’s family farm but it can’t beat the friendly, personal welcome offered by Sara and her family during a visit to their garden. This is the perfect experience if you want to get out to the country, meet some farm animals and enjoy a relaxing break with coffee, tea and something delicious to eat – this is Swedish fika! If you visit in the autumn then you might get to try pressing apples. This is a lovely day out for the whole family.

See the film of Sara’s garden and contact her here: meet Sara

Historical Swedish house from the 1700. In Ekebo, on the island of Kållandsö near Läckö Castle you can visit this house with the concept Meet the Locals.

Gun’s fantastic large garden of 50 sqm

Not many people can be proud of thirteen trees and eighteen shrubs on their small terraced house plot, but Gun can. Her interest in gardening started at an early age when she accompanied her grandfather to his Gothenburg allotment. Now she would like to offer you tips and ideas on how you too could create a large garden in a small area. Gun welcomes you!

If you would like to meet Gun click here

Gun, Local i Hyssna