Hike with a Local

Do you like to get close to nature? Let a Local show you their favourite places!

Hiking and ghost stories

If you are you looking for a little mystery that surrounds an unbelievably beautiful lake then let Elisabeth take you for a walk around Svartesjön (The Black Lake). She will share an astonishing ghost story with you that has followed her since she was a child.

See a film about Svartesjön and contact Elisabeth click here: meet Elisabeth

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Vandra i Floby

Hiking around beautiful Sjötorp on the Göta Canal

Seize the opportunity to discover the Göta Canal in a different way by going by bike or on foot with Alf, who grew up in Sjötorp. You’ll get to see everything from boats going through the locks to Blomstervägen (The Flower Road) which winds through lush forests.

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Vandra vid Sjötorp, Götakanal

Walk the Gotaleden with company

Gotaleden is a picturesque hiking trail running from Gothenburg to Alingsås. A particularly beautiful part is between Norsesund and Västrabodarna. This section follows the lake shore, past some beautiful houses to a beach. If you’d like some good company for this part of the trail and get some coffee and home baked buns then contact our Local, Anna.

If you’d like to hike part of the Gotaleden and meet Anna, click here: contact Anna

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Vandring Norsesund Gotaleden

Hiking, just outside Gothenburg

Just 30 minutes by train from the city you can be in the forest beside Lake Mjörn, West Sweden’s largest lake. Mikael lives here in Norsesund with his family. He is happy to take you out and show you his favourite spots and if the weather allows, your walk ends with cooking sausages and bread over an open fire.

If you want to go walking just outside Gothenburg and meet Mikael click here: contact Mikael

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Vandra Norsesund

Discover a corner of Skaraborg’s landscape

Take a little walk and do some Geocaching with Ann and her dog. They will take you on a tour around Kinnekulle where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, listen to the birdsong and refresh your senses while you search for the treasure.

Read more about Ann and contact her here: meet Ann

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Vandra i Skövde