Culture and History

If you love history and culture then you should meet some of these wonderful Locals. They all have something unique to show you.

Meet Peter in historic Gothenburg

Gothenburg has a fascinating history of moats and fortification. Our Local Gothenburger Peter is a human Google when it comes to history. He will take you on an incredible history walk around Gothenburg and round it off with fika.

Read more about Peter and contact him here: contact Peter

Gothenburg has a lot to offer please read more here: Gothenburg

The white hulled steamboat, Bohuslän, is tied up at the quayside in Gothenburg harbour with some old cranes across the river in the background. Get to know more about Gothenburg with a guided tour from Meet the Locals

Cecilia shows you around her beloved Gothenburg

Would you like to hear some odd facts about Gothenburg during your visit? If you already live here, how about diving deeper into your home town? Then cheerful and wise Cecilia offers a wonderful tour of Gothenburg that is perfect for you, and of course it ends with fika.

Contact Cecilia here: contact Cecilia 

Gothenburg city has a lot to offer please read more here: Gothenburg

A mosaic mural made with broken up tiles shows a geometric pattern in blue, red, and yellow and also two hands reaching for each other. Some of the art that you might find on a tour with a host from Meet the Locals

Gun introduces you to beautiful Limmared and its rich history of glassworks and from the books ’The farms on the lake’.

Are you fascinated by the stories from the author Birgit Th. Sparre, or Swedish glassworks, or maybe both? Then head out to Limmared and meet our Local Gun. She is a big fan of the books ’The Farms Around the Lake’ and she will show you the beautiful surroundings around picturesque Limmared which is rich in Swedish history.

Gun only guides in Swedish 

If you want to visit Gun click here: contact Gun

Limmared and its surroundings have many things to discover. Please read more here: Limmared 

Some bright blue glass candlesticks stand in front of a vivid red glass lamp base and square shaped clear vase. Limmared is famous for its glass and you can get a personal tour with a guide from Meet the Locals

Historical Sjötorp along Göta Canal is best discovered with our Local Alf

Göta Canal with its impressive length of 190 km and its 68 locks is probably Sweden’s largest constuction ever. If you’d like to visit and learn about Götakanal then head over to Sjötorp and meet our Local Alf. He lives in Sjötorp and is well acquainted with Götakanal’s secrets and Sjötorp’s beautiful surroundings. He can show you around by bike or on foot.

If you want to meet Alf click here: meet Alf

The area of Sjötorp and Göta Canal have much to offer. Please look here: Göta Canal


A blue sign says in Swedish: welcome to Göta Canal. Behind it is another sign with some numbers that mean nothing to me but are probably very important if you are driving a boat on the canal. If you take a tour with Alf from Meet the Locals I'm sure he could tell you all about it