About Meet the Locals

Sharing is at the heart of Meet the Locals. It’s about people meeting people and enjoying a slice of daily life together – maybe also a slice of cake!

What is Meet the Locals?

We all have everyday things that we like to do. These might be small daily rituals like walking the dog, biking our favourite route through the forest, or tastier obsessions like traditional baking – you’ve heard about Swedish fika right!? These things may be everyday to locals, but to a visitor they are a perfect way to get a vivid sense of place from their travels.

West Sweden Tourist Board has brought together a small and diverse group of wonderful people who are all happy to share a bit of their daily life and enthusiasms with likeminded visitors.

All our Locals are private individuals who have chosen to share their free time, and while some of them may ask a small fee, this is usually just to cover costs and most of the things you can find on Meet the Locals are totally free.

So find a Local and take a closer look at life in West Sweden.

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What can I expect from a meeting with a Local that I have found at Meet the Locals?

Meet the Locals is about people meeting people, sharing interests and stories together. Our Locals all have something unique to share with you and they are interested in your stories too. Like all good social gatherings – what you get out of it depends to some extent on what you put in.

Each local is meeting people on their own terms and they have no contract with West Sweden Tourist Board.

Two women meet and are rolling out pastry in a kitchen while talking to each other.

Can something go wrong?

A meeting between people might not always go as planned, but most things can be solved with mutual respect and an open dialogue. Even when things did not turn out as expected.

Meet the Locals is somewhere for people to meet people, and West Sweden Tourist Board takes no responsibility if either party is unhappy with the meeting.

Please read the Terms & Conditions

If you have any other questions please contact us

Now what?

Take a look at Meet the Locals and find a piece of everyday Swedish life, and a Local that looks interesting. Send them a message and find a date that suits you both. Enjoy your meeting! It’s really that simple.

Our Locals are meeting you in their spare time so if the first person you contact happens to be busy, keep looking! There are plenty of Locals to choose from and they all have something fascinating to share.

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