Privacy Policy

Responsibility for personal data

Turistrådet Västsverige AB (West Sweden Tourist Board) is responsible for the processing of personal data on this website. West Sweden Tourist Board has appointed a personal data representative, in order to ensure that the personal data is managed correctly. For information on how you can contact us, see ‘Contact us’ at the bottom of this page.

Principle of Public Access

The Tourist Board is a public organisation, which means that messages sent to us are public documents.

Processing of personal data

Our aim is that you should feel secure when you submit your personal data to us. We take all reasonable measures to protect your personal data. All processing of personal data is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

When and how are personal data processed?

The website provides a platform for organisations, websites, applications and groups on social media with the aim of connecting residents in West Sweden with visitors. The website also serves as a platform through which people who live in, or are based in, West Sweden can give visitors to the region the possibility to make contact and have a local experience.

In order to provide these services, we collect information about you as a visitor to our Website and / or through the information you provide to us when you register a user account.

Personal information (name and e-mail) provided in connection with you becoming a Local is stored for as long as you remain a Local.

Personal information (name and e-mail) provided in connection with contacting a Local is stored with us for as long as you have an account on Meet the Locals.

In other situations, the data you have chosen to submit will be registered. West Sweden Tourist Board’s policy is not to collect and store sensitive personal data.

Your personal data is not stored longer than necessary to fulfill the purposes of processing as described in this policy. Your personal information is screened or anonymised when it is no longer relevant to the purposes for which it was collected.

Since the ‘Archives Act’ and the ‘Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act’ take precedence over the GDPR, personal data that constitutes a public document may be disclosed to third parties.

Visitor identification  – cookies and logs

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that are stored on the visitor’s computer and that save personal data and make it possible to follow what the visitor does on the website. There are two types of cookies. Session cookies are used while the visitor is active on the website. These are active in the computer’s temporary memory and are removed automatically when the visitor closes the web browser. Persistent cookies are used to track visitor activity related to the website, and to recognise repeat visitors and remember any data they previously left.

Most web browsers are pre-set to accept cookies. If you don’t want cookies to be stored in your computer, you can set your web browser to notify you when it receives a cookie. You can then decide whether to accept it or not.

We compile statistics on the number of visits, the number of times individual pages are read, which URLs the visitors come from and which search engines and keywords are used to enter our website. The purpose of this is to give us information about how we can improve our website. Thus, we collect information about domain names, browsers and operating systems, the time when you visited our website and where you linked from.


The West Sweden Tourist Board’s website contains links to other websites. This policy does not apply to those websites. You should consult the integrity policies of those websites before providing your personal data.

Logging on Facebook/Google

Personal information (profile picture, name and email) is collected if you have registered your account through a Facebook or Google account. When you stop using a login through Facebook and Google, the link to Meet the Local’s website will be removed. 


By using our website you consent to our integrity policy.

Right to request information

You have the right to information on any of your personal data that we hold. You can do this for free, once per calendar year, by way of a written, signed application. The application must be from you and sent to the West Tourist Board; see contact details below.

If you feel that your personal data is incorrect, please contact the Tourist Board so it can be corrected.

You also have the right to ask us to delete all information we have stored about you. This is known as the right to be forgotten.

Contact us

If you have questions about our integrity policy or our processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us on

To request your personal data, use the following address:

Turistrådet Västsverige AB
Regionens hus
405 44 Göteborg

Our data protection representative is Anna Frisell. Her email is