Anna sits with a dog on her lap. Anna is part of Meet the Locals and can take you hiking on part of the Gotaleden trail or you could bake cinnamon buns together
Beautiful view of Lake Mjörn, Norsesund. Here you can go trekking Gotaleden or bake cinnamon buns all with Meet the Locals.
Black Labrador mix on a jetty. she is part Meet the Locals where you can hike part of Gotaleden in Norsesund or bake Swedish cinnamon buns with Anna
Autumn trees with beautiful colors reflected in the water of Sävelången in Norsesund where you can go trekking and baking cinnamon buns with Meet the Locals.
A woman sits high up, is she on a roof? She os overlooking trees and some water in the distance
Swedish cinnamon buns. In Norsesund you can learn how to bake cinnamonbuns with Meet the Locals.

Bake cinnamon buns or walk Gotaleden – Anna

  • Offered in English, Spanish, Swedish
  • Norsesund
Join me to walk part of the famous trekking path "Gotaleden". I will show you other beautiful areas that are outside the marked trail. I will meet you at Norsesund and then we will walk a amazing trail to Västra Bodarna. From Västra Bodarna you can decide if you want to continue your walk or take the train back to Gothenburg. We will stop on the way and I will invite you for a Swedish fika. The whole tour is approximately 2 hours. I hope we can have a nice chat, share our respective cultures and talk about the world. Or come to our place and let’s bake some sweets for the coffee break. We can bake Swedish cinnamon buns and perhaps a few round chocolate cakes – always a popular choice when Swedes enjoy a coffee break, ie fika, in a café. Or if we are in the holiday season we can make some typical "lussebulle" that is the most traditional sweet bread for the Lucia celebration. We can enjoy the coffee in our winter garden or the garden with a view of the lake. Our unique house is an old sanatorium that has been transformed into eight apartments, a kind of modern collective. The baking session and fika takes approximately 2 hours.

About Your Host, Anna

I am a happy and open-minded woman in my 40s who loves nature and meeting new people. In my spare time I practice beach volleyball. Aside from my dog Ronja, I share my life with my two children and an amazing husband.

Who this is for

All ages and anyone who likes dogs.


During the week and weekends.


You take the train to Norsesund station. From Gothenburg city it takes 30 minutes. The ticket you can buy on the train.


50 SEK per person for baking and 200 SEK per person for the Gotaleden walk

Languages Spoken

Spanish, English and Swedish.


I had a lovely walk & talk with Anna in the beautiful surroundings of Norsesund, ending with a Fika. Highlight of my trip to Sweden. Kiara
Leuven , Belgium