Inger shares her joy of growing. She grows vegetables, flowers and her own cardigan.

  • Northwest on the island of Tjörn
Say hello and talk about cultivation in Inger's corner of Tjörn. In a quiet clearing protected from the west wind, "I cultivate the earth", says Inger, and she harvests as many vegetables, cut flowers, and cotton as she can on 200 square meters of open land and in an unheated poly-tunnel of 180 square meters. Her motto is: The earth is for the roots of plants, not the feet of people. Sustainability is important in so many ways. - For nature, humans, animals, insects and not least for future generations. Diversity benefits everyone. Work with, not against. Listen to and follow nature. Spend an hour exploring the plantation with Inger, look at and talk about everything that is growing right now. She is happy to share tips and tricks about how she does things. You end with a simple fika and talk some more about cultivation.

About Your Host, Inger

I am a woman in my prime (fifty), who ten years ago chose to change her life. I trained in horticulture and five years later I had the opportunity to lease land and started growing tasty vegetables and beautiful cut flowers. Everything is grown in season and in harmony with nature. I also grow and refine climate-smart cotton. Cotton is a fantastic textile fiber which deserves to be lifted out of the negative context in which we humans have placed it. When I'm not farming, I like to hang out with family and friends and I like to be out in nature - walking, kayaking, swimming, or just being. I also like to read, draw, write and refine my cotton.

Who this is for

Anyone who likes to garden or dreams of gardening and wants to see how someone else does it. Unfortunately, the cultivation is not accessible - Uneven ground and narrow passages require strong legs, good balance and sturdy shoes. As the cultivation is also cramped and you are not allowed to look with your fingers, children may find it really boring. Adults are responsible for supervising any accompanying children.


Monday-Wednesday afternoons


The farm is located in a clearing next to Björholmsvägen, Klövedal, Tjörn

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Languages Spoken

I speak Swedish and half ok German. I understand English.