13 trees on 50sqm, Gun invites you to her garden

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I love my little garden of 50 sqm. Many people think that with such a small area you cannot create a proper garden, but it has been my challenge and joy to create a "real" garden in a small space. Here you’ll find plants from all over the world. I’ve brought seeds from my travels in Macedonia, which are now growing and thriving on my little plot. There are also roses, wisteria, tree tulips, and rhododendrons. Twelve trees and eighteen shrubs thrive on my small area. Nothing is too big or too small on my 50 sqm. There is always a place or I create one so each plant gets the space it deserves. I want to invite you so you can also be inspired to create in your own little quilt. To be out in the garden among the plants gives such joy of life and I want to share that. I have developed an interest in bokashi, a Japanese method of composting. I’m happy to show how easy it can be to do your own composting. Come and be inspired by the possibilities of a small garden. Welcome to my garden / Gun

About Your Host, Gun

I am a creative pensioner who has had an interest in gardening since I was a child. In those days I went with my grandfather who had an allotment where Östra Hospital in Gothenburg is now located. For forty years I had a large garden of 3000 sqm, but five years ago I changed to one of only 50 sqm. It was a big challenge but am so happy with my large garden on a small scale. Art and creativity are important in my life. I love working with iron, concrete and beautiful greenery. Old becomes new. Much of the art I have made is to be found in my garden. When I take a break, it is hiking that attracts me. I have returned to Macedonia and Slovenia's mountains for several years, but I also really like the hiking trails in my area, Mark's municipality.

Who this is for

Everyone who has an interest in gardens and gardening. For anyone with a small terraced house with a little garden I have a lot of inspiration to share with you. It takes about an hour to go around the garden.


Usually any day


It takes about an hour by bus from Gothenburg. I will meet you at the bus stop Hyssna Handel. By car it takes about 40 minutes depending on where in Gothenburg you start from.



Languages Spoken

Swedish and a little English. Foreign guests are very welcome but my English is limited. Still, during my 50 trips to Macedonia I have learnt to talk with hands and feet :)