A trail winds its way through the forest with some hikers leading the way and a shining lake is visible between the trees. Go hiking with someone on their favourite walk with Meet the Locals

Hiking with Mikael and Malin a train ride away

  • Offered in Danish, English, Esperanto, French, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Norsesund
We want to show you nature that is easily accessible by public transport from Gothenburg. We’ll go hiking and put some sausages on the barbecue (over an open fire). We could meet at the station in Norsesund and go for a walk of around 2-3 hours through the forest to the lake Mjörn. It is the largest lake in the area and if the weather is good it is great for swimming. We can make walks of different types and lengths depending on your preference. Norsesund is located 30 minutes by commuter train from Gothenburg (towards Alingsås).

About Your Host, Mikael

We (Malin and Mikael) is a couple with three kids who love outdoor life, travel and food. We are interested in sharing food experiences in Swedish nature and learn more about other countries and cultures. We work with environmental issues and sustainable development.

Who this is for

The tour is suitable for families and adults who are interested in nature and wants to take part in the Swedish outdoor culture.


Weekdays after 18.00 and weekends.


Take the local train between Göteborg and Alingsås. Norsesund station is situated about 30 minutes from Göteborg and 10 minutes from Alingsås.

Plan your trip with Västtrafik


The cost of food, around 100 SEK per adult or 50 SEK per child.

Languages Spoken

We speak Swedish, English and French. We also have a good understanding of Danish and Norwegian. Mikael also speaks Icelandic and Esperanto.

Tips from Locals

Mikael’s three tips for when you visit Norsesund:

Also read more about exciting tips in the area around Norsesund on Alingsås own website.