Road-bike with Pontus around Mariestad

  • Offered in English, Swedish
  • Around Mariestad
This experience is for cyclists that want to find new roads, or just have some company during a training-session. During the week the sessions last about 1,5h-2,5h and I usually do some interval-based training. And on the weekend, I go on longer trips around 3h-5h in a slower pace.

About Your Host, Pontus

I have trained on bikes for 6 years first only for some extra training for competing in Enduro and later I started to race on road-bike. I have ridden most of the roads around Mariestad and have a pretty good sense of directions so we can go on long rides without using larger roads.

Who this is for

For road-cyclist who would like to find new roads in a new area and experience some beautiful roads/nature in the nearby area of Mariestad. You must have your own equipment.


Weekdays in the afternoon or evening. During the weekend we will have an early start .


Around Mariestad. We will decide exact location on the day.


For free!

Languages Spoken

English and Swedish