Pias gjutskulpturer
Pias trädgård

Fika and concrete with Pia in a garden in the countryside

  • Offered in Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish
  • The Red Cottage in Hyssna
Stroll around the garden, say hi to the tortoises, cast a concrete candlestick and have a fika in the garden with bread made with flour from Lockö Mill and jam from the Skafferiet in Hyssna.

About Your Host, Pia

I’m an optimistic retired teacher interested in nature, animals, gardening, cookery, baking and crafts. The garden is my oasis with space for meetings between people and animals as well as training courses. I grow without pesticides and make room for pollinators. My husband is a jazz music loving technician.

Who this is for

Anyone interested in nature, gardens or cementing who is keen to know more.


Anytime – the visit lasts about two hours.


The bus ride from Gothenburg takes around 1 hour. I’ll meet you at the Hyssna Handel bus stop. By car it takes about 40 minutes depending on where in Gothenburg you start from.


100 SEK for the fika and cementing

Languages Spoken

Swedish and English good, and can get by in German, Danish and Norwegian too.