Grilla sardiner
färga till Lyr

The D’Arcy Family Garden, on the archipelago island of LYR

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  • Lyr
We offer coffee in a beautiful archipelago environment, and a tour of the garden and walking paths around the island. And, of course, we want to meet you! Our garden is nestled by the sea, windswept but warm, and surrounded by rocks. Since 2017 we have encouraged some interesting trees, shrubs and plants to grow here. Our family first came to the island shortly after the war and has left its mark on the surroundings. The house is a summer house built in the 60s, gradually expanded to make plenty of room for family and friends during the summers. The garden occupies a narrow valley and benefits from plenty of water, we have taken advantage of this by creating ponds and swamp zones for beautiful but thirsty plants. Nearby Bronze Age cairns, high on the clifftops offer open views of the sea and the rocky Bohuslän landscape; a mosaic of heather, juniper, lichens and moss. Our garden is a work in progress and has a somewhat English romantic theme. Three-fifths of the family have a lot of gardening expertise and this, combined with a certain amount of experimentation, gives us some very rewarding results. We hope to inspire others to work with the natural opportunities and materials of their garden to create their own little paradise. We think that you can easily spend about 2-3 hours with us, but if you want to stay longer on Lyr we recommend eating at the fantastic Bryggvingen and if you want to stay overnight, Bryggvingen also has a few suggestions. Welcome!

About Your Host, Jan Krister

Our family consists of Jan (sailor), Mai (gardener), Lo (gardener), Kim (arborist), Anton (sound engineer), Morgaine (willow weaver, 11 years), Luna (ikebana, 7 years), Ragna (1/2 year) and Pip Larsson, Petite, and Liquorice (Cats). All the adults have a lot of irons in the fire and are curious about a wide range of interests in music, arts, and crafts. We are interested in Meet the Locals because it sounds like an exciting and fun way to meet people and swap interests and stories along with a slice of typical summertime life in the Swedish archipelago.

Who this is for

Families or individuals from Abroad or Sweden, who want to share a moment with us. An interest in gardening is good but not absolutely necessary, since there are other things to experience on the island.


Weekends May-August


80km north of Gothenburg lies the island of Lyr. To reach the island take a car to Lyresten and then a ferry to Lyr (free of charge), follow the main road across the island towards Äng for about 3 km and park in the large parking lot on the left. We can pick you up there or we can give you directions for a walk of about 1500 metres along a beautiful little road. It is also possible to get to Lyresten from Gothenburg by bus or train to Stenungsund, bus to Varekil, and a bus to Lyresten where the ferry goes to Lyr. We can pick you up at the ferry terminal on Lyr.



Languages Spoken

Everyone speaks fluent Swedish and English.