What’s Tikitut community based tourism?

Tikitut is a community for local development and the values are based on being a “glocal” meeting place acting in an inclusive, personal and sustainable way.

Tikitut is found in northeast Gothenburg close to amazing nature. Tikitut wants to give visitors a unique complement to conventional tourist and visitors attractions. The organisation offers an array of activities for private persons, companies and organisations. There is also an option to have experiences tailor-made.

Some of the activities

Guided city and nature walks with local gudes:

  • Nature in the east part of the city Gothenburg.
  • The lake Bergsjön – stories and tales.
  • City walks in other languages.


Food experiences from different countries:

  • Cook and eat dinner with a local community. Choose between Assyrian, Kurdish, Kenyan, Turkish or Somalian food.
  • Book at dinner at someone’s house. Make and eat dinner in a personal atmosphere.
  • Book a language-dinner and get to know one of the languages spoken in the neighbourhood, while you cook a national dish and eat with a language guide.



  • Book bed and breakfast at one of Tikitut’s B&B hosts.
  • Book Tikitut’s self-catering apartment and explore Swedish nature and the city during the same stay. The apartment is close to hiking trails, climbing and stops for public transport.