More sharing initiatives

There are tons of initiatives in the sharing economy apart from Meet the Locals. We want to give them the space that they deserve.

Share a ride

Ride-sharing is not only purse-friendly and sustainable, it can also give you some company along the way. Sure, it can be hard to find the exact route you want to travel, but several communities like Skjutsgruppen are on hand to help you find your way from A to B.

Eat at someone’s house

Do you want to get close to the Swedish lifestyle and the everyday life in West Sweden? Meet new people, cultures and try new food by going on a dinner club or underground restaurant at someone’s house.

Stay at someone’s house

Are you tired of boring hotels and want to try a more personal type of accommodation? Rent a room, flat or house on Airbnb next time. That means you get close to everyday life in a typical residential neighbourhood. You might even be lucky enough to meet a guide for the day or even a new friend.