Make a picnic basket with Elizabeth full of homemade bread and jam

  • Offered in English, Swedish
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We’ll be making a picnic basket full of homemade bread and jam. You’ll also get to try cheese from our local dairy farm and some delicious vegetables. Of course we’ll also be bringing a homemade cake with coffee and tea. Then we’ll have several options to choose from. One is to take a walk into the woods to our cosy little cabin, which we built ourselves for the new millennium. The cabin is in a beautiful setting among oak trees and depending on the time of year, we’ll encounter everything from cuckoos in the spring to deer in the autumn. If you’re keen on mysteries and want to see an astonishingly beautiful pond, we can take our picnic basket to Svartesjön. Here I can share some spine-tingling stories that I’ve kept with me from my childhood. If you are unable or prefer not to walk too much, we can stay at the house and have coffee and cake in the garden or why not in my craft shop? If you’re interested, I can teach different craft techniques like crochet, love knot ring-making and the shell stitch pattern for shawls. I also welcome groups who are interested in my handiwork tips. If you play an instrument, bring it with and we can make music together. I love music and play both ukulele and guitar. I also really love our beautiful 12th century medieval church, which has exceptional artifacts from the same period. We can even make a stop there. There is a lot to explore in my area. Just express an interest and we’ll head out with our picnic basket. We are out about 2 - 3 hours

About Your Host, Elizabeth

A happy pensioner, retired from the healthcare field. Me, my husband and our cat live on the Högen estate, where I grew up. We are the third generation to live on this estate, which my grandfather built. One of my biggest interests is baking hålkaka, a traditional bread, as well as other baked goods. My grandmother taught me to bake hålkaka. It’s very popular with my grandchildren. I have seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild so it’s quite a lot of bread to bake but it’s wonderful.

Who this is for

All ages from children to adults. If anyone has walking difficulties we can stay on the estate.


I’m a pensioner so my time is flexible. Make a suggestion and we’ll find a solution. It takes about three hours including tea and excursion.


125 SEK per person

Languages Spoken

Swedish and basic English