Claes from Meet the Locals holds the world’s biggest butter knife. It is one and a half times as tall as him
A happy man hugs a big tree. Meet the artist in Uddebo with Meet the Locals.
Claes made the world’s biggest deck of cards. You can meet this world record holder with Meet the Locals
A round, dome shaped house with wooden shingles and a door with an owl design.

World records holder, Claes, coffee, and cake

  • Offered in English, Swedish
  • Uddebo
Elevenses has always been sacred to me. You are welcome to join me if you’re interested in hearing about anything from how to build your own kayak, your own coffin, or how to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, twice!

About Your Host, claes

I have been an arts and crafts teacher for 25 years. But I’ve done a lot more in life. I love building houses and starting different kinds of projects. My World records are one of the reasons why Uddebo in Västra Götaland has been mentioned in the media and have contributed to why people now want to move here, to this little village. I’ve always kind of followed my own path.

Who this is for

Anyone who is up for experiencing something a little out of the ordinary. Those things that make life worth living.


Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11.00 and 13.00


The village of Uddebo is the country about 100 km from Gothenburg. It takes about 75 minutes by car. I provide elevenses on my porch on Fridays.

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Languages Spoken

I speak both Swedish and English