Check out the street art on Hisingen / Ringön with Jonathan

  • Offered in Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Ringön, Gothenburg
Ringön at the island Hisingen has a newly started grafitti and street art scene where you can find 20-30 (legal) large format pieces. This is a great outing for anyone interested in arts (any age). I would love to show you the art and we can learn about it together. There are no cafés here, so bring some snacks.

About Your Host, Jonathan

I am a culture-minded, self-employed parent who enjoys alternative experiences.

Who this is for

All ages, if you are interested in arts and walking.


Weekends and light evenings (summer) after 18.00.


100 SEK/ group or 0 SEK for individuals

Languages Spoken

Swedish, English, Danish and Norwegian.